Hypnotherapy Bondi


Hypnotherapy to lead a positive life.

Hypnotherapy is not an out of the world term and everyone can make use of it to sort out your problems or build your confidence. You need not see it as a treatment, rather it is a therapy. It is a therapy where you go into a state of deep relaxation that helps you give up addictions and overcome depression and anxiety. Whenever you go for hypnotherapy Bondi make sure you get the help of a certified practitioner like Frances Jones. She comes with a wealth of experience working in this field for the past couple of years. She is an expert in this field already with a good number of clients who have benefited well from her sessions. People in all walks of life need help in one way or the other, either with a relationship or when managing their fears, anxiety or stress. The hectic pace of life today, has put all under stress, which makes them even bitterer. This affects their personal and professional lives. Hence help is essential to relieve the mind of all the unwanted emotions.

Lead a stress free life after hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a therapy in which the person goes into a state of deep relaxation to find the solutions to their own problems, or finding the root of the negative feeling and finding a way to understand it and let it go. Frances Jones guides them there. The person can see their own way forward in life at that deeper level. When you clear away the rubbish at that deeper level, you do feel lighter and more able to cope with life. We all deal with difficult people and situations in life. Instead of fighting, if we go inside and understand them, why they trigger us, often from childhood experiences, then we can just learn to be in control and relaxed around them. A lot of people feel out of control, particularly if they have dominating people in their family. With hypnotherapy Bondi we encourage people to be in control of themselves and their lives, in a relaxed way. We help people in many ways more than one.

  • To help get rid of phobias and fears
  • To help reduce stress and anxiety
  • To cut down weight and help with weight loss
  • To get rid of addictions and nail biting
  • To overcome binge drinking and over eating habits
  • To help people overcome alcoholism and smoking

Hypnotherapy helps people in many more areas and you can always be happy about yourself after just one session. If you would like to know in detail about the areas we cover, you can always contact us directly or fill up the form on our website and we will contact you immediately.

Get back on your feet with a free mind after hypnosis

The body and mind are in constant communication with each other. The cells of the body send messages to the brain, which are recorded in the mind. This sinks into the subconscious mind and develops into habits and fears and anxiety. Hypnotherapy Bondi helps bring up these sunken memories and helps you manage the causes for your anxiety and other emotions, thus helping you overcome the addictions and fears. This is why you are free of every negativity once you go through the therapy. For more details on the sessions and the pricing feel free to contact us anytime. We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to help you with your life. There is nothing a friend cannot help you out with and Frances Jones is the best mentor when it comes to knowing your mind inside out. We promise utmost confidentiality in all the matters.